Safe Patient Handling

As well as designing the chair for the clinical needs of the patient.  We have also designed the chair with the caregivers in mind.  What makes our chairs safe and easy to use?

  • Motorised controls for tilt, back angle recline and leg rest elevation, reducing the risk for caregivers when repositioning the patient.
  • Heights can be adapted in future to accommodate mechanical lifts.
  • Easy to transport throughout the facility for caregivers, using push handles and directional lock wheels to make the chair easier to push in straight corridors.
  • In our clinical trials we reduced caregivers manual handling as patients did not need repositioned as often and they were able to sit out for longer, reducing the number of transfers required.  

Wound Care & Injury Prevention

  • Seating Matters chairs have been designed for patients with high risk of pressure injuries.  We have carried out clinical trials and have proven to reduce pressure injuries across three facilities.  We have designed ‘The 4 Principles of Pressure Management in Seating’ clinical evidence into our chairs.
  • We have pressure redistribution built into all contact surfaces of the chair and can accommodate other pressure cushions if and when required.

Falls Prevention

The tilt in space function along with other supports and adjustments, including the footplate, help keep the patient from sliding or falling from their chair.  This is very important for people with little or no muscle strength.  Providing this support makes the person feel safer and reduces their fear of sitting.

Early Mobilization

We can often get patients out of bed and into our Sorrento™ chair when they don’t have the ability to sit in other chairs.
We offer a lot of support using our specially designed back support to fully control the person's upper body.  We can also support them with lateral and head supports.  By using the tilt in space function we can get a patient into a semi-sitting position for when they first get out of bed.  This allows us to seat patients that have little or no sitting balance.  Click here to read more about early mobilisation in the Seating Matters chairs.