We manufacture clinical, therapeutic seating for patients and caregivers to help prevent injury, increase comfort and reduce the cost of care.

The Monaco is a multi-functional comfort chair recommended for mobile patients.

Seating Matters Specialist Chair Monaco All Angles


The Monaco has been designed for comfort and mobility with independence at the forefront of its design. The Monaco reduces sliding, discomfort and shear as it helps to maintain positioning of the pelvis. Its low seat to floor height makes it easy to strand from, making it a multi-functional comfort chair recommended for mobile patients.

Optional lateral supports and supportive pillows can help to maintain or improve posture and facilitate functional ability in activities of daily living such as eating and communicating.  The correct use of these features and clinical accessories can also reduce common problems such as falling to the side when seated. 

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Seating Matters Specialist Chair Monaco

Clinical Benefits

Together with adjustable back recline, waterfall back, optional lateral supports and pressure management materials, a high level of positioning and pressure redistribution is achievable without compromising the function or independence of the user.  The Monaco accommodates those with tight hamstrings as the negative angle clearance underneath the seat is designed to facilitate safe retraction of the feet behind the knees, ensuring the user’s is not dangerously pulled down the chair into a posterior pelvic tilt or sliding position.

The optional variable angle leg rest can be used to elevate the lower limbs and assist in the management of oedema.  The inclusion of swivel castors, push handle and sliding footplate facilitate easy mobility and access to other environments within the home or care facility.

The Monaco has been used by those with the following conditions and disabilities:

  • Minor stroke.
  • Reduced mobility.
  • Poor sitting balance.
  • Lower limb swelling.
  • Post-operative rehab needs.
  • Pressure management needs.
  •  Postural problems.
  • Difficulty standing unassisted.

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Ease of Use

Adjustable in under 1 min:

  • On-site.
  • Without tools.
  • Within 60 seconds.
  • Fixed to limit improper adjustment.

Infection Control Approved:

At Seating Matters we take infection control seriously. Our chairs have been specifically designed to decrease entrapment areas where bacteria and germs can survive. Our chairs feature a velcro-free design and can be easily taken apart for quick and effective cleaning.

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