Frequently Asked Questions

What is tilt in space?

Tilt in space is when your entire chair shifts position on its frame as one unit, while maintaining the angles of the hips, knees and ankles.

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What is back angle recline?

Back angle recline is the adjustment in angle of the back of the chair, whilst the body of the chair remains stationary.

It is measured as the angle of the back from the seat surface where the patient sits.

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Can I buy pressure cushions separately or do I need to purchase a chair?


Although our high grade pressure cushions have been designed to fit our Seating Matters chairs perfectly, they can be purchased as an individual item.

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Do I have to pay for an appointment?


All Seating Matters appointments, including training & seating assessments, are FREE, NO OBLIGATION appointments.

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Where can I get the Clinician’s Seating Handbook?

You can request the handbook at the following link.

The Clinician's Seating Handbook.

Can I trial a chair?


Not sure it is the right chair for you? You can trial a Seating Matters chair for free.

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What is the Seating Matters Online Academy?

The Seating Matters Online Academy is a free educational resource, hosted by our Clinical Director Martina Tierney, available to all clinicians.

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What countries do you operate in?

Seating Matters operate globally.

We have expert Seating Specialists around the world to support you.

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Can I purchase a part or accessory separately?


It is possible for you to purchase our parts & accessories separately if required.

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Am I entitled to VAT relief?
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I no longer need my Seating Matters chair, what are my options?
As a result of infection control & evolving chair designs, we are unable accept a return of chairs.

However, there is a second hand market on Done Deal, Ebay etc, where many of customers have had resale success.

We have also often found that many who no longer use their chair, donate to a local care home or hospice to be used with patients in the facility.

If you have any further queries, please get in touch with our team.

Who is my local Seating Specialist?

We have expert Seating Specialists around the world to support you.

Get in touch with our office to find out who looks after your area.

How much does a chair cost?

The requirements of each client, and therefore each chair, are different.

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What size are your chairs?

We have paediatric, adult & bariatric seating with a range of sizes depending on requirements.

Adult seat widths may range from 350mm to 850mm.

Note* the above measurements are a guide and exceptions can be made. Please contact our office for more information.