The Denver is a Tilt in Space riser recliner designed for patients and caregivers to help prevent injury, increase comfort and reduce the cost of care.


The Denver was designed to bring the clinical features of the Seating Matters chairs to patients who need help from sitting to standing.

It is ideal for users with reduced mobility who may require some help with upright sitting, postural support or with the reduction of pressure injuries or pressure ulcers.

This comfortable chair is used by residents in care homes, or people in their own home who may want to rest in the chair throughout the day and comes in a variety of sizes and options.

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Optional single motor functions, allowing the user to elevate their legs and tilt backwards or to raise to a standing positioning at the touch of a button.

This can be easily converted to dual motor, allowing single motor features and in addition, a separate back recline.

Pressure management features in line with each of the Seating Matters chairs, incorporating Dartex material, memory foam and a removable cushion. 

For stroke patients and those who require postural support, the Denver can have additional lateral supports added. This can help to maintain good posture in sitting.

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The Denver has been designed with busy care environments in mind, such as loan stores or nursing homes. It can be;

  • Easily adjusted in height and seat depth to accommodate different patient sizes.
  • The back, seat and chair covers can be removed for easy cleaning or repair.
  • It can be cleaned with hospital-grade cleaning agents as it is made from a hygienic healthcare-grade fabric.

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*Not available in all territories. Contact our office for more information.

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