Clinical Research

Seating Matters was founded with the aim of improving the standard of clinical, therapeutic seating for patients. To help achieve this goal, we conduct research and educate clinicians on how to improve the quality of care for patients across the world.

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Pressure Management

Many people who suffer from long term disabilities, who are elderly or lack mobility spend long periods of time sitting. Many chairs do not incorporate necessary features for pressure management in seating. These include being able to adjust to a person’s individual size, provide postural support, repositioning for weight redistribution and appropriate cushion use.

Falls Prevention

Falls are a common occurrence causing great impact and unnecessary suffering. Fortunately there are evidence based methods to reducing fall risk.  

Early Mobilization

Too often we see an over reliance on bed rest for pressure care management, despite the fact that bed rest can in certain cases have a detrimental effect on a patient’s health and recovery. The prescription of correct seating can enable early mobilization by supporting the patient to get out of bed earlier and therefore positively impacts their clinical outcome.

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“After our seating assessment, it was the first time in 15 awful months that we could see a future for our Mum that would allow her to leave her bed.”