Here at Seating Matters, we are changing the world through healthcare seating. To help us achieve that, each day we build an environment where our co-workers contribute to the direction of the company, share their ideas for improvement and have fun in the process.

Work is where you spend most of your waking hours so it has to be meaningful and it has to be fun. Each of our colleagues have a say in creating our culture and shaping the direction of the company. It’s all part of our culture.

We’ve become famous for our company culture. It has become so well known that we welcome companies and groups from around the world who wish to tour our facility every week.



Our company mission is to change the world through healthcare seating and to improve the quality of life of patients, by providing an exceptional seating solution.

We are a caring and clinical company with a culture of continuous improvement, and we are upgrading our product, service and facility daily.

We ensure to treat each employee with the utmost of respect, working together as a team of equals with a “can do” attitude.


At Seating Matters, work isn’t just work. Each month we have a team lunch with team building activities and a range of different events throughout the year. Seating Matters is a respectful, caring, fun, safe and positive environment to work where each employee is valued and everyone puts in hard work, dedication and enthusiasm each day.


We are always looking for excellent people to join our world class team at Seating Matters to change the world through our world-class healthcare seating.

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